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What is a Wrap?

Vinyl Wrap is a thin Adhesive Film that Comes in either a solid Color, Or a Blank Material that a Custom Design can be Printed On. 
Wraps give you the Option to change the color for a short or long period and then easily return it to the factory Paint.
Wraps are a Simple, Cost Effective way to Change up your Vehicles Look.


What can we Wrap?




Off Road Rigs



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Wraps VS Paint?

Wraps & Paint each have a pro and con. What works best for your Project is going to be up to you.

The Best looking Wrap will be Applied to a painted car without any imperfections, so Wraps do not always replace the need for paint.
And In some cases it might not be important, Reach Out to one of our Project Specialists for guidance & Assistance on your Project.


Why Wraps?

  • Added Paint Protection
  • Hold the Resale value by keeping your Factory Paint.
  • Color Change Exotic vehicles without the Extreme cost.
  • Avoid entire vehicle dismantling.
  •  Unique Colors that cannot be achieved with paint.
  • Short Term Color Changes.

What Will it Cost?

Every Project is Unique when it comes to Pricing.
Many factors will come into play when pricing your project. Some of the things we consider are your Current vehicles color, Color Change Material, Vehicle Shape and Size and more.

For Each job we recommend contacting a project manager to get started on pricing out a job.


Life Expectancy

Like all nice things in life, its all about how you maintain them.
In General You should expect to see 4-8 Years From your Wrap before the Material starts degrading from the elements and UV.