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Paint Protection Film - PPF

What is PPF

PPF or Paint Protection Film acts as a shield of protection to preserve your car’s paint.
PPF is a clear and thick thermoplastic urethane film which is used to protect your car’s original paint job from scratches, rock chips and contaminants.  PPF can be applied to your entire vehicle or Individual High impact areas.


  •  Provides Scratch, Rock, and Chemical Protection
  • Repels Environmental Damage
  • UV Protection, Prevent Fading
  • Protects your Investment
  • Makes Cleaning Easier
  • Maintains a Polished Finish
  • Stain Resistant

Life Expectancy

Depending on the Material Type and Weather Exposure you should see anywhere from 6-10 Years from either brand of PPF material.

All of our Installs come with an Installation Warranty of 6-10 Years

Seamless Installation

Our Seamless Installations are installed from full sheets of PPF, No Pre Cut Patters – Leaving no open areas of paint, for a True Paint Protection Installation!

Pre-Cut Installation

Pre-Cut patterns leave Gaps and open areas that leave paint exposed to fade with the UV and scratch / chip.
Not to Mention they can look Tacky.
We Recommend Pre-Cut Installations for Individual Protection Areas or when a seamless install is not possible.

Interior Protection

We Offer Interior Protection Installations. Restore Existing Damage or Protect New Cars from Scratches, Scuffs, and Surface Wear.